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How to Make a Fiberglass Go-Kart Body

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PostBlackScorpion Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:04 pm

Draw a shape representing the side view of the go-kart body on a large piece of paper. Draw a shape representing the front view of the go-kart on a piece of paper. Repeat this procedure for the rear view of the go-kart. Cut the paper along the drawn lines. The cutouts will serve as guides for cutting the plywood used to construct the mold.

Lay the side view guide on top of a sheet of 3/8-inch plywood. Mark around the side view guide. Cut the plywood along the marks. This will provide one side of the go-kart mold. Repeat this procedure with another sheet of plywood to make the other side of the mold.


Lay the front view guide on top of a sheet of 3/8-inch plywood. Mark around the front view guide. Cut the plywood along the marks. This piece of plywood will serve as the front of the mold. Lay the rear view guide on top of a sheet of 3/8-inch plywood. Mark around the rear view guide. Cut the plywood along the marks. The rear of the mold will be made from this piece.

Assemble the cut plywood using glue and wood screws. This will create a mold that is open at the top and bottom. Measure and cut more plywood to fill some of these spaces, remembering to leave room for the driver. Glue the plywood pieces to the top of the mold. Leave the bottom of the mold open.

Apply drywall compound to all corners in the interior of the mold. Wait for it to set, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply a layer of drywall compound to every surface in the interior of the mold. Wait for the drywall compound to set. Sand the drywall compound thoroughly. Any imperfections in the drywall compound will be mirrored in the go-kart body.

Coat the inside of the mold with car buffing wax. The drywall compound will soak up the wax, so several coats of wax will be needed. Make sure that the entire surface has been waxed before proceeding. Any exposed drywall compound will make it difficult to remove the fiberglass from the mold.

Apply a layer of fiberglass cloth and resin to the interior of the mold. The cloth should protrude from the edge of the mold by at least 1 inch. This will provide a surface to grip when freeing the fiberglass from the mold. Smooth the fiberglass out with a hard plastic roller to remove any air bubbles. Apply another layer of fiberglass and resin to the inside of the mold. Use the plastic roller to smooth out any air bubbles. Apply a third layer of fiberglass and resin, again smoothing out any air bubbles with the hard plastic roller. Allow the fiberglass and resin to dry according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Grip the protruding fiberglass firmly. Pull the fiberglass away from the mold. Examine the fiberglass for defects or imperfections. Fill these with more fiberglass and resin. Wait for these areas to dry. Sand the entire body with very fine sandpaper.

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